The physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant you need is just a click away, thanks to Barton Telehealth.

Manage a Wide Variety of Staffing Challenges — Quickly and Efficiently!

Barton Telehealth is the premiere multi-specialty telemedicine platform that makes it seamless for your organization to get up and running from virtually anywhere. Barton Telehealth requires no proprietary equipment or third-party services. A computer, microphone, webcam, and stable internet connection are all you will need to realize the advantages of providing cutting-edge healthcare.
Above all, Barton Telehealth dramatically increases access to talented providers, giving your organization the tools needed to ensure your patients receive quality care — no matter how your staffing outlook changes.

Providing Solutions

Barton Telehealth is the solution for your complex short- and long-term staffing needs:
  • Full- or part-time coverage.
  • After-hours coverage.
  • Illness, vacation, and leave-of-absence coverage.
  • Periodic increases in patient volume.
  • Ramping up a new facility or service line.
  • Chronic, long-term coverage needs.
  • Locations that are geographically or financially difficult to staff.
  • Specialist consultations.
  • And more!

Getting More with Barton Telehealth

The Barton Telehealth staffing solution leverages Barton Associates’ powerful recruiting operation and nationwide network of highly skilled locum tenens physicians and nurse practitioners. These capabilities, coupled with Barton Telehealth technology, means we can deliver the clinicians you need in order to offer your patients high-quality care that is comparable to the care they receive in person.
Virtual healthcare staffing solutions through Barton Telehealth give your organization the tools needed to increase capacity, see more patients, and generate revenue.
Getting started with Barton Telehealth is fast and easy, giving your team the flexibility needed to react quickly, optimize your organization’s staffing plan, operate at peak efficiency, and thrive.
Unlike many telemedicine services, Barton Telehealth requires no expensive, specialized equipment — all your team needs to get started is a computer or device with a web camera, a microphone, and an internet connection. Also, your organization can avoid travel-related expenses typically associated with on-site staffing services.
Many telehealth services are reimbursable by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers, allowing your organization to realize a return on its telemedicine staffing investment.
Above all, Barton Telehealth dramatically increases your access to qualified providers and gives you the tools you need to solve your staffing challenges — once and for all.